Espresso: Blending for Perfection

Sep 20, 2022

Espresso blending is both an art and science.   Typical espresso blends can have 4 to 7 different coffee components.  Also, single origin espressos are becoming popular.  Regardless, coffee roast profiles used in an espresso blending are designed to maximize a specific desirable characteristic in the cup.  And, unlike other brewing methods, the mouthfeel (emulsification of oils at time of extraction commonly called crema) characteristic is top of the list.

What is crema?   All espresso machines deliver the hot water at a very high pressure causing the oils in the coffee grounds to be extracted and emulsified.    You can see a good example of this in the photo (this is Royale Coffee Espresso Blend).   These oils are important for mouthfeel but also increase the intensity of aroma.

Royale Coffee Espresso is a lighter blend.    Coffees from Brazil, Central America and Ethiopia make up the blend.   Roasting styles range from dark to well-done.   The result is well balanced flavor with bright acidity.   Chocolaty, nutty, and sweet notes at the finish.

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